Phlizon 1200W LED Grow Light


Phlizon 1200W LED Grow Light

Phlizon 1200W LED Grow Light has actual power draw of 330W and has more effective coverage area than any reflector series lights. Perfect fit for a 3x3ft growing area at 24″ height. The difference of us is that we use double cooling fans which can extend the light life.


Phlizon 1200W


Many others’ grow lights are used led spotlight reflector to make the light look beautiful, but we don’t use it because the led reflector is not heat-resistant. If a short circuit occurs, reflector at 80℃ is easy to melt and fire. we do not use the reflector, we can not give up the safety beause of beauty.



Compared to MH / HPS lamps, Phlizon Newest 1200W generates less heat, more energy saving and lower electricity bills. It has a more comprehensive light spectrum . The 1200W LED grow light can replace 800 watt HPS/MH. More effective coverage area than any reflector series lights. Perfect fit for a 3x3ft growing area at 24″ height. The difference of us is that we use double cooling fans. which can most extend the light life.



Veg and Bloom button have different function. Veg switch: It’s blue led and white led. For seedling or young vegetative growth, you can use Veg switch only. Bloom switch: It’s red led and white led. For flowering/blooming, you can use both Veg and Bloom switches together. View Angle of LEDs: 90°and 120°



We did lots of experiments to ensure that this full spectrum promotes plant growth. It includes universal blue red IR UV and white leds which can provide everything plant desired in the natural sunlight. The IR and UV leds can promote plants to defense mechanisms, blue and red led is essential light for plant growth.



Phlizon is a professional LED light manufacturer with strong R&D team and many light tester. 2 years warranty plus 30 days money back guarantee. If you have any problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will provide you with a completely satisfactory reply.

Real Testing Data

Phlizon 1200W LED Grow Light



  • The 1200W PPFD value is 972.5 umol/m²s hanging at 18 inch.
  • The higher the PPFD value, the better the plant growth






Phlizon 600W

Full Spectrum Design

  • This light contains every kind of light that plants need. And it provides plants Veg and Flower all stages with everything they desire in the natural sunlight.





Phlizon 600W

PPFD Spectrum for Each Wavelength

  • The PPFD spectrum values of different wavelengths are different and the effects on plants are different. We use a large number of 620-660 lamp beads required by plants to ensure that our lamps are really promoting plants.





Phlizon 900W LED Grow Light

LED distribution

900W led grow light contains:

  1. 79pcs 630-660nm
  2. 34pcs 460nm
  3. 4pcs cool white 6500K
  4. 1pcs UV 380-390nm
  5. 2pcs IR 740nm


Phlizon 600W LED Grow Light
Phlizon 1200W LED Grow Light

Phlizon 1200W LED Grow Light

1200W Double Switch Plant LED Grow Light


Size: 15.3 x 13.2 x 2.3 inches (39 x 33.5 x 6 cm).
Weight: 9 lbs.
LED chips: 10 W double chips LEDs, 160 pieces.
View angle of LEDs: 90 ° and 120 ° mixed.
Work wide voltage: from 85 V to 265 V all can be used.
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Certificates: CE, ROHS, FCC
Lighting coverage: core coverage area at 42 inches x 42 inches (3.5 x 3.5 ft). Maximum coverage area at 48 inches x 48 inches (4 x 4 ft).
Most useful coverage: at 24 inches height.

Package includes:
1 x Phlizon 1200 W LED grow light.
1 x power cord.
1 x hanging hook kits.
1 x thermometer humidity monitor, no battery.


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